Tooling Procurement Credit Program

Tooling Procurement Credit Program:
One form of Tooling Procurement Credit Program is designed for Tier 1 Parts Manufacturers whose annual tooling purchases range from $10 million or more. Another form of Tooling Procurement Credit Program is designed for Vehicle Manufacturers that are desirous of lowering costs and reducing tool delivery issues (aka "Tooling Ransom") in the tooling procurement process.

While the Credit Programs are designed to optimize the individual client’s priorities and objectives, the value proposal for the Tooling Procurement Credit Program includes:

· Cost reduction and "benchmarking" interest charges.

Improved liquidity in the supply base, thereby reducing the potential
for disruptions from supplier financial failure.                                  

· The Credit Program serves as a "Financial Barometer" of the buyer’s
   supply base.

· Reduce launch risk relating to "tool ransom" issues.

Allow a greater level of competition on tooling quoting by removing
   and levelling the "ability to finance" barrier.

The professionals at T&E Capital have been delivering these types of Credit Programs since 1996. Their knowledge and expertise is vital in ensuring a smooth operationalizing of the Credit Programs without undue disruption of the purchasing relationship between buyers and sellers.
T&E Capital provides the SOLUTION tailored to the clients particular purchasing methodology; an articulated STRATEGY to implement (including: Process Mapping, Internal and External Program Guides, Frequently Asked Questions Guide,…), and provides the EXECUTION vital to operationalize and optimize the benefits.