Equipment Solutions

Equipment Solutions ~ Overview

Equipment buyers have never had a wider selection of potential financing sources competing for their business. This positively impacts the Buyers’ financing decisions and also affects equipment Vendors that are expected to offer a financing package as part of their bid process. Given Buyers & Vendors are generally in the market for financing only periodically they may not be aware of current developments that can lead to more cost effective equipment financings. When a financing opportunity presents itself many finance departments, and Vendors sales staffs, are simply not adequately staffed to source the most attractive financing structure and lowest cost funding options as their energy and resources are expended on day-to-day operations. The Buyer that does not look to competitively bid their equipment finance requirements is likely leaving money on the table. A Vendor that does not do so may be sacrificing even more.

One of T&E Capital’s core competencies, and a day-to-day operation, is finding the lowest cost financing with the best possible financing structure to address our customers’ objectives. Our Directors, who have over 65 cumulative years of equipment financing experience, leverage our access to a wide spectrum of funding sources and our financial structuring knowledge to assist Buyers and Vendors in aggressively seeking the best cost and structure to satisfy their requirements, without increasing transaction costs.

Cost Competitive

In order to reduce costs and ensure that T&E Capital is competitive, we have developed a wide spectrum of reliable funding sources. In particular, we have capitalized on the trend of leasing firms outsourcing the origination and structuring of lease transactions by having our Directors work closely with the "Third Party Desks" of these leasing firms. In so doing we access funding via the Third Party Desks as cost efficiently as a Buyer or Vendor entering via the commercial retail offices of the lease provider. Further, T&E Capital has access to investors looking to invest in leases in order to shelter their taxable income, as well as access to regional lease providers who aggressively target distinct market segments. Both of these niche-funding segments add very aggressive low cost sources to our funding spectrum to the benefit of our client base.

Access to these Third Party Desks and access to these other niche funding sources, coupled with our depth of financial structuring experience, allows T&E Capital to be extremely competitive on equipment transactions and add value at no additional cost to our clients. The myth that "middle-men add cost" simply does not apply in the T&E Capital operating model. Our clients’ range from large publicly traded entities, seeking our structuring expertise, to mid-sized commercial companies seeking third-party expertise in the placement of credit. Our clients run the gamut of the credit spectrum from investment grade to asset based borrowers and lessees.

Breadth of Solutions:

Delivery of T&E Capital’s Equipment Solutions are very much in-line with our boutique nature, in that our clients are largely satisfied repeat customers that have benefited from our expertise, or have been referred by colleagues or other financial intermediaries, with whom we have worked. Successful transactions, word of mouth, and selective calling are our advertising mediums.

Our Equipment Solutions range from simple finance leases & loans, to vendor and fleet lease programs, to highly structured project finance transactions. On the equipment side we have financed stamping and injection molding presses, as well as specialized production tooling and automation lines for auto parts manufacturers in Canada and the USA. Our Directors also have deep experience in fleet lease financing for moveable equipment (forklifts, trucks, trailers, …) and in vendor lease financings for mid-market equipment manufacturers. We have structured and arranged financing for simple commercial real estate transactions to more difficult specialized real estate transaction such as an expansion to an ice hockey arena.

T&E Capital also enjoys strategic alliances with minority certified finance firms, thus allowing our clients to generate "minority sourcing credits" on their finance transactions. Again, adding value to our clients without added cost.

At T&E Capital we use our knowledge and expertise to assist our clients in finding the best structure for their financing requirements at the lowest possible cost with minimal effort. T&E Capital does this by using our funding network, who actively solicit T&E Capital for additional business opportunities, coupled with our competitive bid process and our Directors’ deep financial structuring and arranging experience.